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Things I Will Miss

tomato basil relish

This mealĀ  – fresh mozzarella topped with serrano and tomato-basil relish – was our last hurrah at the cabin. Good old caprese needed an update, and this slightly spicy, briefly seared version is what I’ll be eating for the rest of the summer.

Because there is still a whole lot of summer left. Although I have that empty, summer’s over feeling I get whenever we leave the lake in our rear-view mirror.

Things I Will Miss

Waking up to this every morning

And saying goodnight to this every evening

Commuting by boat instead of car. No car seats. No traffic.

priest lake


Phone games and videos are not an option. Instead, we listen to records and catch butterflies when we’re bored.

priest lake


But the kids are never really bored because they can wade in for a swim any time they want. Plus, you always have a cousin or a grandma or grandpa to play with. Is there anything better than that?

the lakshore

And although we had many, many sunny days at the lake and loved every minute of soaking up the sun, it is the thunderstorms I will miss.


IMG_7361 IMG_7422

Especially when you get to wait them out on the dock with a gin and tonic.


Find the fresh mozzarella and serrano and tomato-basil relish recipe at cheese.about.com



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