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Labor Day


The strategic placement of Swiss chard wasn’t intentional, and miraculously it was large enough to cover what has bloomed into a hilariously large baby bump. How do our bodies do it? Even the second time around I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that a tiny human has developed in there over the last 9 months and any day now (please, please, let that day come soon) will emerge.

I am quite literally bursting at the seams. My maternity clothes barely fit. There is no position that is comfortable. It has been miserably hot all week. I’m cranky and tired and also really happy. A baby is coming! It’s such a strange time, waiting for a baby.

Needless to say, I have not been cooking much. A few easy dishes, like this stove-top lasagna and skillet pizza. I’ve thought about making quinoa enchiladas, but can’t quite find the energy. My mom is in the kitchen right now making spaghetti and meatballs, which is exactly the kind of carb loading I should be doing with labor imminent, right?

As anxious as I am for this baby to come and as eager as I am not be 9 months pregnant anymore in 100 degree heat, I don’t believe in rushing a baby out before she’s ready . They’ll be no chugging of castor oil or acupuncture or doing squats all day going on over here. The last time around, I mostly just listened to this for inspiration.  Waiting is indeed the hardest part.






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