A New Kind of Potato Salad


We recently returned from our yearly trip to New York, getting in on the last days of winter (snow!) and the first days of spring (blossoms!). We usually go in May when the city is really in bloom, but now that we’re slaves to the spring break schedule of O’s school, April it had to be.



We go to visit family and friends, and as a lovely side get to soak up everything else that New York has to offer. Not so long ago, this involved spending a great deal of time in restaurants and bars and wandering through neighborhoods and shops and bookstores. Since O was born, we’ve spent a lot more time in parks, which isn’t too horrible once you let go of the idea that a trip to NY means long lunches that morph into cocktail hour.

Sorin and I did sneak into the city one afternoon alone, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, and spent a few hours wandering. Without planning it, we ended up on all our old streets, walking the same walk we’ve done a hundred times. First through the small quiet streets of the West Village, then a quick turn through Soho and a slower one through Nolita, where we stumbled onto our friend Clare’s new store,


…and then on to Ed’s Lobster Bar for a bowl of mussels.


We see and do a lot less in New York then we use to now that we have a toddler along for the ride, but really, we’ve seen it all before so there isn’t a frantic need to cover every inch of the city. Sometimes I bemoan the fact that our trips are always to same cities but there’s an upside, too. It’s nice visiting places away from home that feel like home in a whole different way.

As often happens, one of our most memorable meals was lunch with our friend Elizabeth, who cooks food that make you feel like you’re sitting on a roof deck in Tuscany or the south of France. We had an asparagus and ricotta tart and a lovely side of roasted potatoes and little cherry tomatoes that had burst open, begging you to soak up their juices with bread.

As soon as we got home, I made something similar for About.com and it’s a dish that’s going to be showing up on my table all summer long. Served at room temperature, this roasted potato salad is my new favorite version of traditional potato salad.


Or, maybe this one is my favorite. Made with roasted potatoes, goat cheese, olive oil and dill it’s closer to traditional potato salad but without any mayo.

I’m torn, really. They’re both so tasty. Leftovers of both are quite delicious tossed with greens for a quick salad at lunch.

Now, we’re back to spring in LA which means 90 degrees one day and 65 the next. Fewer blossoms, but more bright, bold colors. The aroma of jasmine is in the air. Whenever we return from New York, for the first few days our little corner of LA feels like a small town.  The view isn’t quite the same as the one Sorin shot of the skyline across the East River, but it’s not too bad, eh?

Echo Park


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